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Juliark: Comfort (Prompt)

The original prompt is actually: Julian crying and Clark comforting him. But I don’t think I can write any crying Jules for awhile…I came up with this instead.

The doors of Stuart slammed shut behind him, blocking out the harsh cries of it’s prefect. Julian’s fists were tightly balled as he walked off, trying to get his breathing back to normal. If a student looked out of his window and onto the grounds they might’ve be able to see the steam which came out of the actor’s ears. Upset was an understatement. He was fucking furious. He could’ve hit the blonde prick right then and there if it wasn’t for Derek, who had walked in on them just as Logan looked like he would throw the first punch. It wasn’t the first of their fights; and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

He jammed  his hands into his pocket and felt his metal keychain brush against his knuckles. His car keys were with him. Thank god, he needed to get away from all this. At least just for the rest of the day.

Julian had been so distracted, so lost in his haze of anger, that he didn’t notice the very tall and good looking blonde standing beside an expensive car with a phone to his ear. When he got to his car he was still shaking. It was so bad that he couldn’t even get the key into the keyhole. He kicked the front tire and banged his fists on the roof. And that’s when the blonde looked up and smiled.

"Need help?" he called to the upset student.

"I can’t get my car open." Julian grunted, still not looking up or registering the familiar voice.

"Is the button broken?" the blonde made his way to the actor, still smirking.

Julian chuckled “Fuck. I completely forgot that existed…” it was then he looked up at the grinning face “Clark?”

"Surprise." The pop singer responded, doing a little jazz hands gesture.

"What’re you…?" He blinked several times in confusion.

Clark frowned, trying to figure out if anything was wrong. Julian looked frazzled, from his loosened tie to his blank expression. Something was definitely wrong. He gently placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder and gave it a tiny squeeze “Hey, are you okay?”

It was strange. How secure the weight of a hand felt on his shoulder. How reassuring it was. Despite all the words that formed in his mind Julian said nothing, he merely shook his head and looked away.

Clark felt a tug in his chest. He knew that Julian wasn’t one to have no words, to not say anything. He also knew that he wasn’t one for hug or any outward sign of a affection or anything like that. But he was shaken up. So Clark let out a long sigh and slowly pulled Julian to his chest, “C’mere.”

For a moment, Clark thought Julian would push him away. But he didn’t. The younger boy just stood there for a moment, his face pressed against Clark’s shoulder before also wrapping his arms around his friend. “It’s gonna be okay.” Clark whispered into Julian’s hair after feeling the actor let out a long and shaky breath. They stood like that for a long time before Julian finally stepped back, calmer than he had been for the entire week. “Why’re you here?” he asked.

Clark smiled and looked to his car “Well, I was supposed to bring Alicia and the rest of the cast but they’re still on their way over.” Julian just looked at him curiously so he continued “We wanted to bring you something. Someone, actually.”

"What?" Julian asked. Clark chuckled and put his arm around Julian’s shoulder, steering him towards the car he had been standing beside "No point in waiting up for them since you’re already here."

Once they had reached the car Clark opened the passenger door and pulled out a dark blue cage. “Julian Larson, meet Sonic.”